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📱︎ Very-low-cost mobile (cellphone) service

If you want very-low-cost 📱︎ cellphone (mobile) service, for in the USA-only, I highly recommend the low-data plan at Republic Wireless .  If you tell your 📱︎ phone to do YouTube and most apps only-over-Wi-Fi , the lowest-cost plan is fine, and even returns a huge rebate, so it costs only $12-16 a month, out-the-door.  And if you don't need Google Maps or email while on the road, you can get the base-plan (even cheaper!), with data over Wi-Fi only, and voice and SMS text over that or 📶︎ cell towers.

I bought my phone, a mid-grade , which I like a lot.  If you don't need a flashlight and a screen that big, the bottom-of-the-line also works well.

When I traveled overseas, I could NOT make phone calls, so we borrowed a burner phone and got a temporary SIM card onsite.  Worked well.

After you get your phone, harden your phone against threats .

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