ADD is real treating ADD works ;   supporting information :

ADD is real

ADD is diagnosed by criteria that are very complex. [1]

You might not like or believe the criteria.

But if you actually use the criteria, you get a 👤︎ group of adults, who compared to the 👥︎ general population, have or are:

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  •   as many divorces, [citation needed]
  •   the rate of alcohol and drug abuse, [2] [citation needed]
  •   as many 💥︎ car crashes, [3] [4]
  • 4½× as many 💥︎ accidental traumatic brain injuries (as children and young adults), [5] [6] [7] [8]
  •   as many 💥︎🔫︎ deaths by suicide, [2] [citation needed] ?

  • 3-4× as many sexually-transmitted infections/​diseases STIs/STDs (young adults), [9] [10]
  • 6-9× as many 🚼︎ crisis/unplanned pregnancies, [9] [11]

  •   as likely to not complete high school as an adolescent, [12]
  •   ⅓× as likely to hold a 🎓︎⟰ 4-year college degree (young adults), [15]
  • 4-9× as likely to commit crimes and 🛂︎ go to jail. [13] [14]

In addition, they:

In children, the outcomes are:

With the criteria having such predictive power, and the outcomes being so terrible, ADD seems pretty real to me.

23 Signs You Do Not Have ADHD

cartoon with … ADHD? Nonsense! I just have a problem with focus. Oh, and getting started. And finishing. And … For more info, see cartoon with … Me, when people say, 'In my day, nobody had ADHD.' They should say, 'In my day, no one understood the neurology, so millions suffered, and were punished for an unrecognized disorder. For more info, see cartoon with … Why the explosion in people diagnosed with ADHD? Because MRI scans show our brains work differently. A dozen genes have been identified, so far. Thus ADHD has replaced old terms such as Space Cadet, Idiot, Slacker, Loser, Weirdo and Flake. For more info, see infographic with … The ADD ADHD Iceberg. Most is hidden beneath the surface. Select to request download of Explaining ADHD to Teachers.

If you think ADD is just an excuse for people who are lazy, please:

cartoon with … My ADHD diagnosis … 'upgraded' my life story … everything became clear. For more info, see
But there is hope—in ⟰ education and 💊︎ treatment …

💊︎ Treatment

cartoon with … Learning new habits to manage my ADHD requires patience, consistency, focus, repetition, and routine. And ADHD is a problem with patience, consistency, focus, repetition, and routine. So that's fun. For more info, see
Sorry, it looks like if you decide to treat, you are going to need regular exercise and 💊︎ medication. [23] [24]   And mindfulness, yoga, organization techniques, and more.

But given the outcomes above, who would choose to not treat?

Don't want to think of yourself as 💊︎ pro-medication?
  Rebrand your thinking as anti-suffering.

For a more nuanced view …

When you are offered a test or intervention,
BRAN reminds you to ask about and consider the
  Risks, and
  Alternatives and to also consider the effects of doing
  Nothing in this situation.

    — Sarah J Buckley, MD, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering:  A Doctor's Guide to Natural Childbirth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices

Results of this thinking include:

  • If a particular 💊︎ treatment has negative side-effects larger than the positive intended-effects, modify or abandon this treatment in favor of a different treatment. [25]
  • But keep in mind the Risks of not treating.

What about abuse?  Aren't some 💊︎ treatments—the stimulants—listed in the 🇺🇸 USA as Schedule II drugs?
  Yes. [26]   But:

  1. These stimulants don't meet any of the three criteria for inclusion on that list. [26]
  2. ADDers who sell their medication to others should be using it for themselves.
  3. Those who buy it from ADDers don't get any of their desired effects. [27]

When Medication Costs Too Much:  Prescription Assistance.

If the 💊︎ treatment method you worked out with your ⚕︎ doctor includes extended-release methylphenidate (Ritalin) (Concerta), ensure that your product actually works—is made by a manufacturer that uses OROS technology (or maybe DELEXIS®;  don't know yet):  Effectiveness of 💊︎ Concerta (extended-release methylphenidate) and its imitators.  Adobe Acrobat Reader file

Pick any ADHD symptom and consider how it might undermine one's career.
  Or one's marriage.
  Or how it would sabotage goals, friendships, and consistent parenting.
  And impact health, finances, and eventually one's self-esteem.
It's a Holistic disorder.
So it demands a Holistic approach.


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