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Green topics


Identify nature on-the-go!   >   I Can See Nature! Facebook page for I Can See Nature!

Handing INVASIVE PLANTS using an herbicide applicator dauber wand
Getting your Commercial Certified Pesticide Applicator license

MOW my grass lawn
DEER exclosure plant cages (under construction)
RAIN BARRELS: installation, use and maintenance (under construction)
ICE DAMS (not yet under construction)

Personal topics

Eric Piehl resume (.pdf)   Eric Piehl resume (.doc)   Eric Piehl LinkedIn

Visiting Grand Rapids, Michigan? Moving here? Things to see and do in West Michigan.
old home page, not mobile-friendly (will delete when I move most info here)

I have articles on other topics, not for public use.  If you are a on how to access the private version of this file.