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(mostly computer programmer-type)

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Many Michiganders need help these days:

Local News


To learn more (including demographic information and excellent maps) about West Michigan's neighborhoods, cities, townships and counties, please see 👥︎ Community Research & Data Tools > Community Profiles > your neighborhood, city, township or county.  Can waste use lots of time with the Interactive Map!

My neighborhood, Ada Township video Space Worth Preserving.

Closest 🏫︎ school districts are (in order):

Michigan Licensed 🐦︎ 🐢︎ Wildlife Rehabilitators

Sustainable Business Practices:  The 👥︎🌏︎📈︎ Triple-Bottom Line (3BL) Ethic

Need all three:

Food:  Farms

Food:  Markets

Paper, plastics, metal, appliances, building materials and 👟︎ shoes

Reuse and ♻︎ Recycling are two of the R's of "Rethink/Refuse/Reject, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle/Repurpose/Recover":

💡︎ Lighting and Energy