This article is how to mow my 🌾︎ grass lawn, particularly important details at the beginning or end of the season, or for whenever I am tired, hungry and grumpy.

I hope this article has ideas applicable to you and your lawn!

Prepare, mow, finish up.
Other considerations.

[Eric:  When significant change to this document, please 📄︎ print relevant parts, protect with packing tape, and attach to mower!]


infographic No Mow May, select for more info Prepare to mow whenever your lawn:

and is:

🤧︎ If allergies ever interfere with an awesome night's sleep.

I mow my 🌾︎ lawn with a Honda lawnmower, model=HRR2169VKA EJ, serial=MZCG-9229225, manual.  Adobe Acrobat Reader file   Light, fast, and reliable;  it mulches very well!  I love this mower!

Once every year or two, I service with an oil change, new air filter, spark plug, etc.

Then every time I go out to mow, I:

Finish up


[1]  My notes indicate I heard Rick Darke say this at a conference .  — EP .

[2]  My notes indicate I heard a 🗣 speaker say this at the same conference as above .  — EP .

😷 Respirators and face masks

👥︎ Protect others.  If: infographic Why Everyone Needs to Mask, select to enlarge

get any of the respirator or face mask types described below.  When 🚶︎🏠︎ in public, particularly indoors, wear it to 👥︎ protect others, including your immuno­compromised / medically-vulnerable 👪︎ family, 👥︎ friends and colleagues, and 👥︎🌐︎ all other residents of our planet. [3] [4]   And if you don't care about actually protecting other people, wear your mask anyway, to allow our medically-vulnerable populations listed below to feel more comfortable.

👤︎ Protect yourself.  If:

then get a reusable 😷 P100 HEPA or N99/​FFP3/​KF99 respirator/​filter mask that removes from the air 99.97% or 99% (respectively) of particulates,[?] including droplets, as part of an aerosol[?] down to 0.3 micrometers (µm) (1/50,000 in) (about the size of a large virus).

The ⚕︎ medical industry loves their single-use N95/​FFP2/​KF94/​KN95 (in 🇺🇸 USA, 60% of KN95 are counterfeit) respirators, that remove 95% of these particles.

Try hard to select masks actually do that, and are not counterfeit.   How to shop, how to spot fakes.   A good source.

For full effect, view the video above or to right by selecting the video image, then icons YouTube (if present), ⏯︎ ⊠ Skip Ads (if present),  captions (if you wish),  full­screen, and ▶︎ Play.

When 🚶︎🏠︎ in public, wear your mask to 👤︎ protect yourself.

Among your options: In my town, Lowe's and Menards have a better selection of PPE and lighting vs. Home Depot.

Lasts for years, and dozens or hundreds of wearings, with proper maintenance.

If buying for COVID, get multiple, so you can 🧼💦︎ wash (if mostly plastic or cotton) and dry well in a clean place between use;  or let sit for a few days to dry and allow the virus to fall apart.
🏭︎ Industrial respirator.

Great fit, great seal (almost no 👓︎░ fogging glasses).  Coolest to wear (makes me 💦︎ heat up the least) of all mask options below.  Comfortable, easy to walk around.  Can hear great.  But clunky — hard to talk, and a bit hard to read while wearing.  🧼💦︎ Wash and dry between wearings.
👤︎ Half-face respirator, reusable:  1 × 3M 7502 (M) (L) (S), plus particulate filters, P100[?]:  1 × 2-pack 3M 2297.   Models approved by 🇺🇸 USA CDC NIOSH,
donning procedures.

Equivalent to 🇺🇸 USA HEPA, 🇪🇺 Europe HEPA H13, and Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode.  About US$40 or €35.  The gold standard.
🛸 Futuristic cyberpunk smartmask.

With rechargeable batteries, blower, and colorful lights.
👥︎👤︎ Razer Zephyr (review of Razer's Zephyr).
Not evaluated nor tested nor approved by 🇺🇸 USA CDC NIOSH, nor cleared by 🇺🇸 USA FDA.  Not rated by anyone, but marketed as being N95- equivalent.  US$100 or €88 with filters for 24 hours of wear, plus $30 or €25 for each subsequent 80 hours of wear.
🛸 HEPA Helmet.

With rechargeable batteries, and blower.
👥︎👤︎ MicroClimate AIR2.   I learned of its existence, thanks to a  ▶︎  a local professor.
Not evaluated nor tested nor approved by 🇺🇸 USA CDC NIOSH, nor cleared by 🇺🇸 USA FDA.  Not rated by anyone, but marketed as being N95- equivalent.  US$300 or €265 with filters for 3–4 months of wear, plus $80 or €70 for each subsequent set.
🛸 Purifying filter and headphones. 👤︎ Dyson Zone (review of Dyson Zone).
In 2022-early, the manufacturer said specifications and the product should be released in 2022-late.
Face shield. X Face shield attached to own 👓︎ glasses frame.   One time only, I got a ten-pack at Costco for US$10.   Make your own DIY face shield.
Not evaluated nor tested nor approved by 🇺🇸 USA CDC NIOSH, nor cleared by 🇺🇸 USA FDA.  Not useful for 🤧︎ allergies.  Would not use this instead of another product, but may be of some use as an additional layer of protection.

A sister's 🏛 university Office of Academic Labor Relations disallows the above, but did approve ClearMask transparent facemask and Safe'N'Clear  The Communicator.
Compact mask or respirator.

Many of these masks and respirators:

To fix all of these problems at the same time, do the first — or last two — of ...

If your mask is floppy (soft, not firm), and you want it to seal a lot better, add to your mask a mask brace, or use two × 20 cm (8 in) rubber bands.

Add to your mask this face mask bracket (aka chapstick protector or lipstick protector).  If you are relative, I may have a couple extra.

Get your mask with headstraps instead of earloops.

Earloops are easier to don and doff.   They are OK for short-term use by most people.

Headstraps (preferably, adjustable straps) seal your mask better, are more comfortable for extended use, and are essential for those of us with long faces.

If your mask has earloops, add to your mask a:

  1. mask brace,
  2. commercial or homemade earloop headstrap/neckstrap,
  3. around-the-head button headband or button scrub cap, or
  4. two × 20 cm (8 in) rubber bands.
👥︎👤︎ 🗣😷 Resonance-95 mask for choirs, 🗣 singers, speakers, and 🏫︎ teachers.
Passed N95 precertification tests. [their website]
Exceeds new ASTM standard F3502-21 (🇺🇸 USA CDC's write-up). [packaging] [their website]
My new go-to-mask for all public purposes.  Especially where I will be talking to someone (i.e., not just shopping).
Has headstraps that are both elastic and adjustable — nice!  When properly adjusted, allows mask to:
    Fit well, comfortable.
    Seal well.  My 👓︎░ glasses fog only a bit, which I correct by positioning nosepads on top of mask nose covering, and tightening bottom toggle.
Builds up heat less than my N99, about the same as cotton or medical masks, and only a little more than my P100.
Has a huge amount of space for moving your mouth and jaw.
Stores compact-enough for a purse or jacket pocket.
Good enough for extended wear, such as indoor meetings, concerts and ✈︎ airports/​airplanes.
About US$30 or €27.
👤︎ Facepiece respirator, N99[?]:  1 × Cambridge Mask Co. model Pro (decide model and size) (⚠︎🫁 asthma) (⚠︎🫁 cystic fibrosis CF) (🔥︎).   Models approved by 🇺🇸 USA CDC NIOSH, donning procedures.
Equivalent to 🇪🇺 Europe Semi-HEPA H12.  €25, about US$30.  Comfortable.  To prevent 👓︎░ fogging your glasses, don, then pull earloops down from earlobes.  When doff, let dry completely, then store in its nice sturdy storage box.
👥︎👤︎ 😷 Cloth face masks:  commercially-made or 😷 DIY homemade.
Not evaluated nor tested nor approved by 🇺🇸 USA CDC NIOSH, nor cleared by 🇺🇸 USA FDA.  Cloth should be at least 3 layers, woven or felted better than knit, cotton better than synthetic.   Useful for some purposes. [3] [4]   Wears cooler than most other designs.  I am told to 🧼💦︎ wash these as often as if you had worn them as underwear (i.e., buy multiple, swap out at end of day).

In a ⚕︎ medical setting, usually discarded between patients, to prevent 🗣👥︎ cross-contamination.

If worn to 👤︎ protect yourself, many say to discard at end of day.  Others say a quality mask, kept clean, and allowed to dry thoroughly between wearings, can be worn until it gets gross — up to 40 hours.

Shelf-life about a year (elastics and connectors fail about then);  less in your purse, briefcase or daypack.
👤︎(👥︎) Cup respirator, P100[?]:  1 × 3M 8293.
Models approved by 🇺🇸 USA CDC NIOSH,
donning[?] procedures.

If you get a good seal, equivalent to 🇺🇸 USA HEPA, 🇪🇺 Europe HEPA H13, and Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode.  About US$10 or €9.  Have not tried these.   How to shop, how to spot fakes.   A good source for respirators and masks.
👥︎👤︎ Medical respirator, N95/​FFP2/​KF94/​KN95 (in 🇺🇸 USA, 60% of KN95 are counterfeit).   Models approved by 🇺🇸 USA CDC NIOSH
and cleared by USA FDA, donning[?] procedures.
Models approved by 🇺🇸 USA CDC NIOSH,
donning[?] procedures.
  Models made in 🇨🇳 China, not Authorized by 🇺🇸 USA CDC NIOSH, but with USA FDA EUA.
Equivalent to MERV 16 or 🇪🇺 Europe EPA E11.  Bought a 10-pack of tri-fold boat-shaped fish-type respirator, N95[?]:  1 × 3M 9205+ in flat packaging to keep in car and briefcase/purse.  Friends are very happy with them;  I find them OK.  About US$2 or €2.
How to shop, how to spot fakes.   A good source for respirators and masks.
👥︎ 😷 Medical / clinical / dental / procedural / surgical masks, nonwoven (felted), earloop.
Not evaluated nor tested nor approved by 🇺🇸 USA CDC NIOSH, but these models have 🇺🇸 USA FDA EUA.
Designed primarily for 💦︎ splash-protection of the wearer.  On my face, the seal around the edges is terrible.   Still, considered a good second-choice to rated masks.

If you shop very carefully, you can find masks rated ASTM F2100 level 2 or 3.

During COVID, our dentist and dental hygienists wear:
    a mask rated ASTM standard F2100 Level 3 (high risk of fluid splashes or sprays),  over which they wear:
  ◦  another mask rated ASTM F2100 Level 1 (low risk of fluids).

How to shop, how to spot fakes.

During the ☣⚕︎ COVID-19 coronavirus disease pandemic, our local large healthcare system made us, while in their buildings, remove our better masks, and instead wear:
    a mask rated not at all, by any organization.

These not-rated versions are available at most pharmacies/​drug stores/​chemist shops, in a box of 10 or 50, for about 10¢ each (pre-COVID) or 20–60¢ each (post-COVID).  Works for family members with 🤧︎ mild allergies.  Least heat-trapping of all options.  Easy to carry (wrap in a baggie) in your purse, briefcase, backpack, or even pocket. [3] [4]
😷 Respirator techie information:  🇺🇸 USA OSHA Respiratory Protection standard 29 CFR 1910.134.

After purchasing your 😷 respirator or face mask, please continue:

👥︎👤︎ If you are a 🏫︎ teacher, or 🗣 speak in-person to groups primarily from one place, and who probably should wear a mask but that might interfere with your job function:

Happy mowing, cleaning, vacuuming, 🧹💨︎ sweeping and blowing!

(If you got to this respirator/​face mask section direct, check out sections 🤧︎ allergy and PPE above!)


[3]  "Considerations for Wearing Cloth Face Coverings."  🇺🇸 USA CDC.  Updated .   Accessed .
   (With easier-to-read analysis "A quick note on masks and CDC guidance …"  Katelyn Jetelina.  .   Accessed .)

[4]  😷 "COVID-19:  Why we should all Wear Masks —
there is new Scientific Rationale."  Sui Huang.  .
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