Introduction Terminology

Relationships with … … anyone … ⚕︎ doctors

People's desires … caused us to create Care Systems
… until the closing phase of life.

Lessons Learned :  🩸 blood pressure meter, 💊︎▦ pill-organizer-planner-sorter, upright rollator.

Random statistics


Activities of Daily Living ADL
Instrumental Activities of Daily Living IADL

Social Determinants of Health SDoH

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living IADL

[ Seems to include most adults.  Tweens, teens, and 20-somethings are picking up these skills. ]

Plus, see socioemotional selection theory SST.


[1]  [ If you provide any of the services above for someone else, you are a caregiver / carer:

Relationships with …

… anyone

Really 👂︎ listen to people:


Questions may come from fear — answer them.

The job of ⚕︎ doctors is to enable wellbeing, where wellbeing is about whatever reasons that person wishes to be alive, at whatever stage of life that person happens to be, at that time.

People's desires

According to socioemotional selectivity theory SST …

Young healthy stable people focus on:

People who are old, ill, or about to-move:

Terminally-ill people want to:

Thus, we attempted to create care systems consistent with this …

… until the closing phase of life.

Remember the narrowing focus, to here and now — the people and experiences near us.

A mounting series of crises, from which medicine can offer only temporary rescue.

[ With 📱︎ 911 , or ] in the 🏥︎ ER/ED or hospital, you may lose all control over your care:

Review sections on hospice treatment priorities above, and Lessons Learned below.

[ If it applies, review the Dementia Road Map:  A Guide for Family and Care Partners.  Adobe Acrobat Reader file  ]

[ For full effect, select the video image above or to right, then icons YouTube (if present), ⏯︎ ⊠ Skip Ads (if present),  full­screen, and ▶︎ Play.  ]

… from other sources

[ In addition to the above:

  1. Create a good:
        Durable Power of Attorney PoA for Finances DPoAF.
        Document containing all your financial assets, places, account numbers, contact info, purpose, etc.
          For your team, should you become unable to handle all of your own affairs.
          I added passwords to my computers and phones — obfuscated for printed copies and .PDF exports, while visible in the original electronic document.

  2. Store:
        in your magic 2-cm (1-inch) binder or folder, that contains all documents your team might need in your time of need.

  3. Ensure that 👪︎ any relatives likely to be there in your time of need:
      •  know where to find it. ]

[ We are all temporarily-abled.

    — Source unknown, I heard it a long time ago.  Although on , I heard Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee say that ⚕︎ doctors understand very well that they will soon be on the other side of the exam table. ]

[ There are four types of anesthesia:

  • Local, numbing a small area, such as a dentist numbing a tooth before working on it.
  • Regional, numbing a large area, such as an epidural for the pain of childbirth.
  • Sedation, somewhat-suppressing the central nervous system, while still letting the patient follow verbal instructions, such as for colonoscopies or removal of wisdom teeth.
  • General, greatly-suppressing central nervous system activity, causing unconsciousness and total lack of sensation, for invasive procedures such as surgery. ]

[ Design everything for your future self:

  • 🚧 Build your websites with text large-enough, contrast high-enough, and all that accessibility stuff.
  • Design/​acquire/​modify your 🏠︎ home with your ♿ future abilities and limitations in mind.
  • Etc. ]

[ If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.

    — George Harrison. ]

[ 🇺🇸 In the USA, you can use data from to find a good ⚕︎ doctor, 🏥︎ hospital, nursing home, rehab, home services, supplies, equipment, etc. > your need > your location > set Sort by to Overall Rating, if possible > look for good overall and patient satisfaction ratings; or 📱︎☎ 1-800-MEDICARE.

🇺🇸 In the USA, you can use data from US News and World Reports to find a good ⚕︎ doctor, 🏥︎ hospital, senior living, Medicare Advantage company, drug, treatment, or diet > your need > your location > set Sort By to Ranking, if possible > scorecard, outcomes, etc.

= Search carefully for 3-Stage Retirement Villages 3SRV / CCRC / LPC / LPRC / LTCF.   TODO:  write this section.

BTW, even if you or your loved one is in one of these facilities, y'all need to work out who is going to:
  🍳︎🧹🛀︎ cook, clean, bathe, etc.;
  📅︎  🚗︎⚕︎  maintain a calendar, take to doctors appointments, etc.;
  • 🍲︎  💊︎    give food and medications;
  🍲︎         maintain a food supply in fridge;
  💊︎▦      set up a pill-organizer-planner-sorter, and keep a steady supply of refills;
               verify, clean and replace parts in hearing aids;
  💪︎🧠👥︎ see to exercise, brain, and social needs;  and
  handle all the other Instrumental Activities of Daily Living IADL.  ]

[ Learn all you can from local sources, and academia.  ]

[ Do not fear the 🩸 blood pressure meter, 💊︎▦ pill-organizer-planner-sorter, upright rollator.  ]

Do not fear the 💊︎pill-organizer-planner-sorter

[ I heard medical professionals call it a 💊︎mediset, but pill-sorter, pill-organizer or pill-planner are more specific, and Search Engines say are more commonly-used.  I prefer pill-sorter.

Regardless, starting to use one too early is way better than starting too late:

Random statistics …

63% of doctors   overestimate future survival time.  By an average of 530%!

17% of doctors underestimate future survival time.

Risk factors for falling (and breaking your hip):

  1. Poor balance.
  2. Taking more than 💊︎💊︎💊︎💊︎ four prescriptions ℞.
  3. Muscle weakness.

[ If you have any of these issues — or even if you don't:

Cancer costs are U-shaped:

25% of Medicare spending is for 5% of patients, in their final year of life.

More than half of those living in 3-Stage Retirement Villages 3SRV / CCRC / LPC / LPRC / LTCF run through their savings.  [ ]