Context Do I have COVID-19?

Life during COVID's first year Analysis
Life during the Age of COVID:  💉︎ Vac­ci­na­tion

Historical context


Hope you are well.  97+% of us will get through the current ⚕︎ COVID-19 coronavirus disease pandemic emergency of 2019-202x.  For some perspective, life is way better today than in the year , , , and especially the year . the year .

Don't be scared.  All of this is new to you, and new can be scary.

    — #DoctorWho 13 premier.

Life during COVID's first year

image of people wearing masks during the 1918 flu pandemic, select to view more To 👤︎ protect yourself (including from becoming a Long Hauler or Long Covid Kid ), and to 👥︎ protect others,
Dr Fauci [1] and ✈︎ Alaska Airlines say we need to:

  1. Wear a mask consistently and correctly.   😷 Mask up! Why?   😷 Masks and other PPE.
    [ Details on when to 😷 wear masks. ]
    [ Indoor air-handler filters are also important.]
    [We also wear 👓︎ eye-protection, to protect other mucous membranes!]
  2. Avoid crowds.     X 👥︎👪︎👥︎👪︎ X
  3. Distance yourself.   👤︎—👤︎
    [By 2020-April, known to be less important than the other actions. [2] ]
  4. Outdoors, if you can.   ☀︎
  5. Wash your hands.
    [By 2020-April, known to be less important than the other actions. [2] ]

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image of children's book Why We Stay Home: Suzie Learns about Coronavirus, select to read

🚼︎ For kids!  Free book Adobe Acrobat Reader file  Why We Stay Home:  Suzie Learns about Coronavirus, full contents at image above or to left.

🚶︎ For adults: "Medical students write, publish illustrated coronavirus children's book" by Janelle Ringer.  Loma Linda University.  .   "A book that teaches children 'Why We Stay Home'."  NewsHour.  PBS.  .

Don't panic, [it's] not the end of the world.  Well, it could be the end of the world, but one thing at a time.

    — #DoctorWho 13 premier.

image of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Couldn't wash hands, is now extinct, select to see CDC findings and recommendations on the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 image of Everything will be a little weird, a bit challenging, different than what you had imagined, manageable, select to see source

It is important. "A closer look at how COVID-19 damages human lungs."  News Medical.  . DOI: 10.1038/​s41467-021-23533-x   Accessed .

To protect 👤︎ yourself, 👪︎ family, 👥︎ friends, coworkers, elders, and 👥︎🌐︎ all other residents of our planet, please help break the chain of transmission — flatten the curve and push it downward — by following recommendations from 🇺🇳 UN World Health Organization WHO, 🇺🇸 USA CDC (expert version), Consumer Reports magazine, Doctor Who, parks, Michigan, Kent County, local healthcare provider Spectrum Health, and your local authorities.

If 👤︎ you or 👪︎ family members are risk-averse, such as having an attribute that makes them vulnerable to the 🔆︎ coronavirus, when you leave home, do so smartly.  Plan carefully.  Have a list.  Reduce your number of shopping trips.  Shop at good times:

  • Our local big-box membership store had minimum shoppers, maximum physical-distancing, and then-99+% 😷 mask-compliance during their "Senior Hour" each day.  Was way better than later.  Now scaled back to twice a week, and terrible mask-compliance.
  • Our local big-box grocery store was also best during their "Senior Hours" and pretty good a little after that.  When they had those "Senior Hours".
  • Have not found there to be a best time at our local hardware stores/home centers.  Don't go just before Closing — it's a zoo!
  • From other areas, I hear that grocery stores are good during dinnertime, and at .  Have not tried.

If you come out of this, and you've lost weight, you're just doing it wrong.  🎂︎

    — Margaret Choo, New York Museum of Art, on PBS Inside the Met S1Ep1, 2021-05-21.

My daughter says that during this emergency, the happiest people on our planet may well be 🌱︎🚶︎  gardeners. [support] [more support]

Practice random [acts of] kindness, and senseless acts of beauty.

    —  Anne Herbert.

👤︎ Protect yourself.  👥︎ Protect others.  💉︎ Get vaccinated!

Life during the Age of COVID:  💉︎ Vaccination

Which 💉︎ immunization should I get?
How do I get a 💉︎ vaccination?

How did the 💉︎ first immunization go for me?   Afterward, now what?
How did the 💉︎💉︎ second immunization go for me?
The 💉︎💉︎💉︎ third immunization — the boost

How do I get a 💉︎ vaccination?

In the 🇺🇸 USA, anyone age 12 and older can now sign up at > button Find COVID-19 Vaccines > yourZipCode.  Check out the map!  (Or use its sister-site > button Encuentre vacunas contra el COVID-19.)

But we received the 💉︎ COVID-19 vaccine 4½ months before we were eligible.  Not because we deserved it at that time, but because we dug.

These are all websites.  You can also try 📱︎☎ calling, particularly your local providers.  If trouble getting through, I recommend trying:

People I know found COVID vaccination appointments by signing up with several organizations in parallel.  These sites differ in what they offer you:

People I know found COVID vaccination appointments via their local:

When we got our appointment, we were Registered and on waitlists at several providers listed above.  To reduce risk, we decided to keep our places in line, until the 💉︎💪︎ vaccine was in our arms.

How did the 💉︎💉︎ second immunization go for me?

The 💉︎💉︎ second dose also went smoothly.  What now?

When You've Been Fully Vaccinated from 🇺🇸 USA CDC Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People from 🇺🇸 USA CDC

Thinking about it, us choosing to:

  • not wear a mask much outdoors,
  • reduce our time indoors with non-vaccinated people (such as by shopping during "Senior Hours", or using the gym when relatively quiet), and
  • when sharing indoor space with non-vaccinated people, 😷 wear a mask whenever practical to do so (such as in my gym before and during warmup, and after some point in the cooldown) (and the eating part of a rare restaurant indoor meal),
is an attempt to reduce our odds of catching COVID (while meeting our other goals), as expressed by my calculations up in Analysis.

Historical context

In the 🇺🇸 USA, in the absence of federal guidance, every state or other jurisdiction is handling 💉︎ vac­ci­na­tion differently.  In late 2020 and early 2021, this process was so disorganized, it felt like us vaccine-seekers were participants in ♐︎ The Hunger Games.

Unlike a real immunization effort in -, where our society immunized:

  • 84%  of the entire population [versus 54% so far in this immunization effort (62% partly-immunized)], with
  • 3 doses given to each person [versus 2 doses     in this immunization effort (1 dose for J&J)],     in only
  • 6 days, spread over 3 months [versus 274 days, spread over 9 months so far in this immunization effort]!  [2] [3] [ [4] ]

And in that operation, no one had to drive across the county to a stadium — they did it in high school gyms.  Everyone can get to their nearest high school.  OK, if the vaccine-athon can travel to high schools, it can also travel to 🏥︎ hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities LTCFs , to handle their specialized populations.  But why, this time around, do we have to reinvent every wheel, and do such a bad job of it?

OK, Public Health officials in 1962 had several advantages that we don't have this time around.  Still, their process was the exact opposite of what we are doing now.

More applicable to today's situation is smallpox;  like COVID, it requires an injection.  Anthony Fauci has a great story about New York City immunizing 5 million New Yorkers in a single week! [citation needed]

Fortunately, as 2021 progressed, we got much more organized.  Yeah!

image of White House memo on COVID-19 pandemic, select to read it image of White House playbook for infectious disease threats, select to read it
Yes, we really did know all this!

Above or to left, view White House memo from , White House Playbook from , and videos from and .

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image of graphic novel Germ Warfare: A Very Graphic History by Max Brooks, select to hear audio or see video or read
"'All Of This Panic Could Have Been Prevented':
 Author Max Brooks On COVID-19."
 Fresh Air with Terry Gross.  NPR.  .
which mentions "Germ Warfare:  A Very Graphic History."
 Max Brooks.  April 2019.
> ▶︎ Play audio, ▶︎ Play video , or button FREE Download for Graphic Novel.Adobe Acrobat Reader file 

There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here,
it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

There is another theory which states that this has already happened.

    —  Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

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[2]  Yes, my sister and I remember — we were there!  Personal communication, various dates, including .

[3]  "Cuyahoga County had best record in the nation for Sabin polio vaccine distribution".  .   Accessed .

[4]  "COVID-19 Vaccinations in the United States".  CDC.  .   Accessed .