This file tells me how to mow my grass lawn, using my Honda lawnmower, model=HRR2169VKA EJ, serial=MZCG-9229225, manual (.pdf) .  It is a reminder for me, particularly at the beginning or end of the season, or whenever tired, hungry or grumpy!

Eric:  When you change this document, also print and post on mower!

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[1] If your allergies are sufficient to get the above, go see your doc, and consider getting a room aircleaner Honeywell HPA100.
    Put near your bed;  at bedtime, set to run on Low for 2 hours.
    If 🔥︎ wildfires cover your town with smoke, put in your main room or hallway, and run on Low 24/7.
    Every 3 months, vacuum filter and consider ordering replacement filter Honeywell HEPA size "R".

[2] My notes indicate I heard Rick Darke say this at a conference 2015-03-07.  —EP 2016-10-01.

[3] My notes indicate I heard a speaker say this at the same conference as above 2015-03-07.  —EP 2016-10-01.