This file tells me how to mow my 🌾︎ grass lawn, using my Honda lawnmower, model=HRR2169VKA EJ, serial=MZCG-9229225, manual (.pdf).   It is a reminder for me, particularly at the beginning or end of the season, or whenever tired, hungry or grumpy!

Prepare mow finish up other considerations   Eric:  When you change this document, also print and post on mower!


Prepare to mow your lawn whenever it is growing, ragged, or 50% longer than your mowing height in the table below (15 cm 6 in).  Maybe every 10 days, depending on the season and weather.


If after mowing, vacuuming the basement or blowing out the garage, allergies ever interfere with an awesome night's sleep, get (and use!) a
😷 P100/N99/similar HEPA respirator/­filter mask full-size cartoon graphic that removes from the air 99.97%/99% of particulates down to 0.3 µm (about the size of a virus).  Pending further testing, I am here not recommending N95 (removes 95% of these particles) or inferior filters.
Among your options:

I find Lowe's has a better selection of PPE and lighting v. Home Depot.

After purchasing your respirator, please continue:

Happy mowing!

Finish up


[1]  My notes indicate I heard Rick Darke say this at a conference 2015-03-07.  —EP 2016-10-01.

[2]  My notes indicate I heard a speaker say this at the same conference as above 2015-03-07.  —EP 2016-10-01.