This file tells me how to mow my 🌾︎ grass lawn, using my Honda lawnmower, model=HRR2169VKA EJ, serial=MZCG-9229225, manual (.pdf).

I love this mower!  Light, fast, reliable, and it mulches very well!  I love it! 

This file is a reminder for me, particularly at the beginning or end of the season, or whenever tired, hungry or grumpy!

Prepare, mow, finish up.
Other considerations.   [Eric:  When you change this document, please 📄︎ print relevant parts, and post on mower!]


Prepare to mow your lawn whenever it is:

Maybe every 10 days, depending on the season and weather:

Finish up


[1]  My notes indicate I heard Rick Darke say this at a conference 2015-03-07.  —EP 2016-10-01.

[2]  My notes indicate I heard a speaker say this at the same conference as above 2015-03-07.  —EP 2016-10-01.


If, after:

allergies ever interfere with an awesome night's sleep,
get (and use!) a cartoon of person wearing a filter mask … I hate when people wear these in public.  Like OK, we get it, you are a surgeon. … select to view full-size 😷 P100/​N99/​similar HEPA respirator/​filter mask that removes from the air 99.97% or 99% of particulates down to 0.3 µm (1/50,000 in) (about the size of a virus).
Among your options: In my town, Lowe's and Menards have a better selection of PPE and lighting v. Home Depot.
Reusable Clunky and need to wash;  but great fit, great seal and long life: 1 × half-face reusable respirator 3M 7502 plus 2 × P100 particulate filters 3M 2297.   P100.   About US$40 or €35.  The gold standard.
Compact;  have not tried: 1 × N99 Cambridge Mask (Newton) (what it filters, and sizing).   N99.   About US$30 or €25.
Disposable 1 × P100 particulate respirator 3M 8293.   P100.   About US$10 or €9.
Box of "ear loop" "surgical" or "dental" face masks, available at most drug store/chemist shops.  Not rated.  About 10¢ each, but sold by the box.  Works for family members with mild allergies.  Easy to carry (wrap in a baggie) in your purse or backpack.

After purchasing your respirator, please continue:

Happy mowing, vacuuming, sweeping and blowing!