Some years ago, we got three rain barrels from WMEAC, to slow water running off of our roof, extending the time that our plants get watered, and reducing the amount of water that flows down the gutters of our street, into our neighborhood's wetland, our unnamed creek, and downstream into Carl Creek and the Grand River.

OK, so we are green and among the cultural creatives, and want to help, so we acquired the three rain barrels, and asked our handyman to install them.  He did a good job, but I was still pissed at all the …


Our handyman installed our rain barrels as best he could.  And he left us the old downspout he had cut, so we might be able to put thing back come winter.  But that was a HUGE job.  And bringing out the rain barrel again in the Spring, and hooking it up?  There had to be a better way!

🚧 Under construction

  1. Algae growing.

This document is my attempt to minimize these problems.


photo of barrel top, select to view full-size Our installation is kinda fire-and-forget.  Some 👥︎ people hook their up to a tap so they can fill a watering can from it.  We don't;  just letting the soaker hoses do their thing.  Oh, but don't forget the …

Spring—after nights no longer freeze for over 🕐︎

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Autumn—when nights might freeze for 🕐︎

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